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Little girl, Big ideas!

I want to be a story maker when I grow up. Hey, I can share stories with you right now!

I have always loved books. The library is one of my favorite places. When I was 2 years old, I saw a book there that I owned at home, I got excited and squealed “Mom we have that book in paperback!”

One day I asked my dad to buy me a toy. He laughed and said that I didn’t have any money. Guess what I told him… “Dad, you know I have bookmarks, I’ll sell those!” I felt empowered when I said that.

I am funny, full of energy, and I have really cool ideas. My parents gifted my business to me in January 2020 for my fourth birthday. I am now 6 years old, and I am the CEO of a movement!

I share my artsy bookmarks and my sparkly personality through my website, social media, and live events. I encourage kids to read, express themselves, and own their own businesses. I am exploring new paths and I am paving new roads for others to follow my leadership, courage, and success.

My future is magical. Starting out this super early, I see all open doors and open skies for me. I am a little black girl who successfully started and is growing her own business. Isn’t that inspiring and sparkly?!!!

Thank you for helping me change the world!

– Brooklyn Yarborough, CEO

Thank you for helping me change the world!

– Brooklyn Yarborough, CEO